Private lesson

The most popular and most effective training lesson for you and your dog.



Dog sitting

I offer dog sitting in a home environment with individual approach. No crowded hotel.



Canine seminars

I offer professional thematic, cynological seminars for the public, ZKO, Police, ...



Training with E-collar

We are the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a license for E-collar training.


Boarding training

Don't have the time and knowledge to train your dog? We will train your dog for you.



Private training

You don't have time to go somewhere to train your dog. I'll drive to your place and help you with the training.

Private lesson




1) Application of the NePoPo® system in working dogtraining.


Mondioring, IGP, sport cynology, service training, etc.


Puppy development: enthusiasm for training, learning development, clear communication, etc.

Exercise building: fetch, heeling, scent work, biting

Problem solving: rebiting, aggression, lack of focus, etc.


2) Problem solving in pet dogtraining


Obedience: recall, leash walking, etc.

Aggressive behavior: aggression towards dogs, aggression towards people, etc.

Problem Behaviors.



Where and when is the service available?

Prague, Kostelec nad Labem and Mladá Boleslav

The date is up to individual arrangement


How can I make an appointment?

Contact me at or +420 607 080 580


Canine seminars

Have you had enough of folk advice, human precepts and illogical explanations?

Do you want real expert canine knowledge that will logically and scientifically explain your problem and the resulting solution?

Move your level up and be ahead of the rest!


Canine seminars for the professional and general public.

Dogclubs, canine organizations and teams, Police, Customs, Prison Service, etc.



Where can I find out the conditions?

Download our brochure here


Want to book a seminar or have a question?

Contact me at or +420 607 080 580


BOOTCAMP - boarding training



Do you want an obedient family dog and enjoy pleasant, stress-free walks?

But don't have the time and experience to achieve your desired goal?

Entrust us with your dog and we will do everything for you and you will be able to enjoy the result!


Your dog is boarded with us and fed with your food.

You will be informed about the progress of the camp all the time and you are welcome to come at any time.

At the end of the stay a demonstration of the result = GUARANTEE!

The training is followed by a short handler training to achieve a permanent and stable result.



What is the length of stay?

The length of stay depends on the specific assignment. For this reason, we recommend an introductory meeting. The most common length of stay is 3 weeks.


What is the cost of the bootcamp?

The price depends precisely on the length of stay and the complexity of your assignment.


Want to book or have a question about the bootcamp?

Contact me at or +420 607 080 580


Dog sitting

Going on holiday, sick or going on a business trip?

Don't you have anyone to look after your dog? Don't put your dog in a dog hotel where he is one of many!


Professional dog sitting in a family house with a large garden

Possibility to accommodate the dog indoors or outdoors.

Dog sitting includes socialization, walks and training.

You will be updated regularly on how your dog is doing.



Would you like to book a sitter?

Contact me at or +420 607 080 580